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Basket Weaving

Christmas Decorations

Natural Dyeing

Pickling & Preserving


Regenerative Agriculture

Woven Plant Supports

We are now running workshops on the farm again, post Covid. Full day immersive workshops include a light lunch and half day workshops usually last for 3 hours and include plenty of tea, coffee and cake.

We also welcome school visits in small numbers. These sessions can be customised and might include looking at and identifying trees, plants and flowers, noticing the wildlife including bees and butterflies, a summer river bed survey, or perhaps a  history walk to look at the mediaeval remains of the deer park boundary, once part of the Gillingham Royal Forest.


The farm is mainly sheep grazing pasture with lovely ancient woodland, peppered with veteran oaks. We have re-established species rich pastures for the sheep, who we move often, following Allan Savory's Holistic Planned Grazing principles. The farm is carefully managed with areas of wildflowers and new woodland with a great variety of wildlife and we farm regeneratively, paying particular attention to the health of the soil, biodiversity, the welfare of the flock and keeping carbon where it should be - in the soil.  


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