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Gutchpool Airstrip

Looking West


22/04 Grass

Location:  51° 3' 26"N    2° 14' 1"W

Altitude: 284 ft

Length: 730m  Width: 20m

Slope: ~2.7% down to west (a slight slope, 20' over length)

Address: Gutchpool Farm Gillingham Dorset SP8 5QP

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Trees at both ends and close to south edge near 22 threshold.

Telephone wires near 04 threshold (lower than surrounding trees)

Road near 04 threshold.

Soft after rain.

Visiting aircraft are welcome at Gutchpool, though we require you to request permission every time. The strip is sometimes unfit for use. 730m sounds long but due to the proximity of trees and soft surface special care needs to be taken.

Any user of the airstrip does so at his/her own risk and is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft and pilot are capable of doing so. Some off airport / bush flying experience is recommended. Getting permission does not imply that we think the strip is suitable for any given pilot or aircraft.

Do not fly low over houses/farms near to the strip, especially on take off.

No circuits, please arrive/depart directly.

Please avoid damaging the white runway lights on the side of the strip.

Park on the grass at the SE end of the taxiway by the farm buildings. Use common sense and don't block access to the concrete.

For permission please email with following info:

  • Date/ETA, ETD

  • Name

  • Aircraft type

  • Registration

  • Mobile number

  • Also please confirm you have understood the information on this page.

You do not have permission until your email has been answered. Normally you will get a reply within 24 hours.


If (and only if) the situation is urgent call +44 1747 831022. 

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