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We are Pasture For Life certified, meaning our lambs and hogs are 100% pasture fed. We farm on organic principles, without chemicals and our flock has a varied, rich diet of many different grasses, legumes, and herbs. They browse the hedgerows in summer and in winter are they are supplemented with our own hay, as well as dried willow and nettle bundles which are full of vitamins and minerals. 


We let our lambs mature slowly and so they are often termed 'hogget' which is a lamb over one year of age. By allowing them to grow slowly and build muscle, we believe this gives a much better texture and flavour to the meat. As a result, please note that we will send you either lamb or hogget, or a mixture of the two, depending on the time of year.


In the medium box, which is ideal for a family, we include:  


Neck filet

Half a shoulder

4 loin chops

4 bone rack (French trimmed)

Half a leg


Pack of diced meat (approx. 500g) - ideal for tagine, curry and stews

Pack of mince (approx. 500g) - for moussaka, shepherd's pie and koftas.


Medium box of lamb/hogget

  • We can ship nationwide. The meat is vacuum packed and freshly frozen, packed in icepacks with wool insulation and sent by overnight carrier. We ship Tuesday and Wednesday each week.

    The cost of sending the medium lamb box is £12


    Alternatively, you can collect your box from the farm if you live locally. Just select collection from the drop down menu at the checkout. We'll be in touch to arrange the best collection time for you. 

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