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100% pure wool throws made from the soft wool of our Dorset Down and Shetland sheep, spun and woven for us here in the UK. To compliment the natural colour of our Shetland flock, we have added two more colours, Duck Egg Blue and Berry Red. These organically-dyed subtle shades are inspired by the beautiful natural colours found on our farm in Dorset. 

Pure wool throws

  • These throws are approximately 145 x 180 cms with purled tassles at both ends. They are woven in a small specialist mill and hand finished, so there may be small irregularlities in the weave.

    Please either dry clean or wash on the wool cycle in your washing machine using a specialist detergent for delicate fabrics. Do not spin or tumble dry.

    What wool hates is to be subjected to sudden changes in temperature so if you do want to hand wash your throw, then keep the temperature of the water constant, and never hot. It is best to squeeze out any excess water and always dry away from sunlight. 

    Shake out often to deter moths from taking up residence. If you suspect moths are about then put your throw in the freezer for 48 hours or keep with a moth repellent nearby.

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